Cleanliness Testing & Validation

A New Method for Cleanliness Testing & Validation

When it comes to electronics cleanliness…
What you can’t see CAN hurt you.

Ionic Chromatography

Step 1

Cleanliness Testing

Visual Assessment

  • Parts mounted on glass for visual inspection

SIR Testing

  • SIR testing on component specific boards
  • Reveals the impact of residues on electrical performance

ION Chromatography

  • Used to identify the specific ionic species present

Step 2

Custom Test Vehicles

Custom Designed Boards

  • Mimics the production boards

Custom Selected Components

  • Reproduces the specific areas of concern in the process

Duplicates Process and Materials

  • Provides a more representative test result

The Difference

Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR)

  • We provide component specific boards for SIR testing
  • Lets you correlate SIR and IC test results
    on the same board using your specific
    component set


  • What to do with all the test data?
    • Use industry baselines
    • Develop your own criteria
    • Let us analyze the data for you

Product Acceptance

  • We make it easy to go beyond the standard industry tests

Objective Evidence

  • The most realistic true objective evidence


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to find out how the next generation of cleanliness
validation can provide you and your customers with
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