Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

STI’s engineering team places emphasis on defect prevention and non-value added process step elimination by analyzing the design data package for common errors relating to the BOM selection, PCB design, and manufacturing materials/processes used to assemble the customer’s product. In this day of global competition, STI understands that the key to a successful product is quality, cost, and speed to market. Design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT) services offered by STI ensure quality of the final product and facilitate an efficient manufacturing cycle from fabrication, assembly, testing and ultimately through delivery. Ensuring that the customer’s design aligns with existing manufacturing processes and materials will result in higher yields and fewer design iterations to generate a product that is easily and economically manufactured.

• BOM Analysis
• Component Review
• Availability/Alternate Selection
• PWB Drawing Review
• Test Point Access
• Form/Fit Requirements
• Fabrication Note Review
• Soldermask Clearance
• Silkscreen Identifiers
• PWA Manufacturing Analysis
• Fiducials for Automated Assembly
• PWB Depanelization Requirements
• Land Pattern Review
• Component Placement for SMT
• Assembly Materials Selection
• Manufacturing Process Parameters