Environmental Testing

All electronic hardware is susceptible to the damaging effects of moisture, temperature, and contaminants. STI understands the criticality of reliability testing and test-to-failure. Improper selection of assembly materials and manufacturing processes can result in field failure returns which can lead to high warranty reserves thus affecting long-term profitability. STI’s environmental testing capabilities include replicating environments such as Humidity/Moisture Resistance, Thermal Shock/Thermal Cycle, Steam Aging and Vibration/Shock testing. Coupled with the ability to perform in situ electrical testing as well as a full range of post-test analysis of samples, these tools allow for rapid “aging” of components and prediction of operational life of hardware.

• Thermal Shock
• Temperature Cycling
• Moisture Resistance
• Humidity Cycling
• Shelf Life
• Accelerated Aging
• Vibration Testing
• Mechanical Shock Testing