Material Optimization

While the bill of materials (BOM) is generated at the start of the design process, it is utilized by procurement and plays a critical role in driving price and schedule of a customer’s product. While some product’s time to market is short, other products may see months to years of testing before a manufacturing release. Therefore, a material review and optimization can eliminate costly production time due to inaccurate/changed part numbers, obsolete components, and long-lead/non-stock components. Also, it is critical to ensure that counterfeit devices are not procured through the use of authorized distributors and trusted suppliers. STI offers these services to mitigate risk and reduce cost during the BOM purchasing process.

• BOM Scrubbing
• Validate Manufacturer Part Numbers
• Procurement Resource Planning
• Component Obsolescence
• Identify Approved Alternates
• Trusted Supplier Analysis
• Validate Authorized Distributors