Julia Adamczyk’s 15-Year Anniversary

Submitted by Ray Cirimele on 18th of January, 2019 01:20 pm

STI announces Julia Adamczyk’s 15-year anniversary. It was celebrated with a cake shared with all of her colleagues at STI.  In recognition of this significant milestone, David Raby, President/CEO, presented Adamczyk with a certificate in appreciation of her 15 years of dedicated service.

As the Customer Service Manager, Adamczyk is responsible for ensuring a pleasant experience for all customers who contact STI in regards to training resources. Adamczyk and her team assist customers with training course registration and training material purchases. In addition, they answer email, phone and website inquiries.

“When it comes to achieving customer satisfaction, Julia’s pleasant demeanor is the first thing the customer is exposed to,” said Diana Bradford, Vice President, Operations/Training Resources. “But it is her determination to meet all customer expectations that ensures repeat business.”