STI Recognizes Roger Hammonds’ 10-Year Anniversary

Submitted by Ray Cirimele on 05th of May, 2017 07:41 am


STI announces Roger Hammonds’ 10-year anniversary. Hammonds’ anniversary was celebrated with a cake shared with all of his colleagues at STI.  David Raby, President/CEO, presented him with a certificate in appreciation of his 10 years of dedicated service.

In his position as Warehouse Manager, Hammonds is responsible for all shipping and receiving operations for STI’s Training Materials department and Contract Manufacturing services.  He also maintains inventory in the warehouse and assists with order fulfillment in the Training Materials department.  Hammonds has also recently assumed the responsibilities of Facility Security Officer (FSO) ensuring that STI remains in compliance with ITAR regulations.

“Roger’s continued focus on materials received and shipped by STI directly impacts the impression customers have from our goods and services,” said Diana Bradford, VP of Operations. “All this, and assuming the role of FSO is just further evidence of his dedication to the company and his co-workers.”