Rework and Repair

STI has qualified technicians trained in IPC 7711/7721, as well as in custom design solutions, to address your electronic rework and repair needs. STI’s services encompass both mainstream assembly technologies (surface mount and through-hole) as well as specialized processes that include ball grid array (BGA) reballing and leadless chip carrier rework.

• BGA Rework
• BGA Reballing
• PCB Repair
• CCA Rework
• Jumper Wire/White Wire Services

Warranty Repair BGA rework can be a daunting task if you don’t have an experienced technician with the right tool set. At STI, we offer trained technicians utilizing top of the line BGA rework systems to complete the tasks in accordance with IPC standards. STI offers high-reliability, cost-effective reballing services to restore all of your BGAs to their original specifications. STI has the capability to handle most of today’s BGA package sizes and ball counts. We offer both standard reballing fixtures in addition to custom designed fixtures for a wide range of component package styles.

• Removal and replacement
• Site preparation
• Salvage
• Circuit design changes
• Pad/trace repair
• Solder mask Repair

Jumper wire adds Circuit card assemblies (CCA) today are more complex and miniaturized which requires highly-skilled technicians trained to IPC certifications to successfully perform circuit board rework and repair. STI is staffed with experienced technicians and engineers to diagnose and serve your repair and rework needs.

• Plated Thru-Hole
• SMT (QFP, PLCC, Chip Style, LCC, SOP)
• QFN and Lead less packages

Connectors Sometimes prototypes or new layout boards need to have jumper wires, i.e. white wires, added to troubleshoot and/or verify design modifications. STI stands ready to help diagnose circuit board issues and perform design layout verifications by offering jumper wire solutions. These white wires can be run underneath microBGAs, QFNs, and other leadless chip carrier style packages to troubleshoot and/or perform verification.