Size, Weight & Power Reduction (SWaP)

Military and aerospace electronics providers continue to push the technological envelope to design and manufacture leading edge electronics for today’s users. Current design problems are not driven by circuit design capabilities but by an inability to reliably package these circuits within the space constraints. Innovative packaging techniques are required in order to meet the size, weight, and power (SWaP) reduction requirements of this industry without sacrificing reliability or performance.

STI’s design engineers utilize conventional hybrid and microelectronics technologies to enable our customers to meet their SWaP requirements in addition to STI’s patented packaging technology termed Imbedded Component/Die Technology (IC/DT®). IC/DT® enables the manufacturing and assembly of smaller, lighter, and more technologically advanced high density circuit card assemblies where conventional packaging technologies fall short through imbedding unpackaged components in a 3-D laminate substrate with integrated thermal management. STI’s IC/DT® packaging approach addresses miniaturization, thermal management, performance, reliability, and system capability requirements through innovative design guidelines and materials selection in order to meet form, fit, and function requirements.

• Reduced Form Factor
• Miniaturized Components
• Increased Performance
• Ruggedized Applications
• Reduced Interconnects
• Space Constraints
• Imbedded and/or Stacked Components
• Low-Weight Solutions
• Light Weight Interconnects