Supply Chain Validation

STI Electronics is facilitated with the equipment set and personnel to complete a variety of tests and analysis on electronic assemblies as well as electromechanical assemblies to determine the integrity of the supply chain. Our methods can determine the origin of the components and materials in order to to identify counterfeit components and/or those which have been altered. We also work closely with software and firmware partners to identify and resolve malicious intent at the system level. From operating in a detection mode to identify gaps to developing a trusted supply chain, STI can also establish a project plan that will include a phased approach that is designed to optimize defining lessons learned which can be shared with the broader Trusted Systems and Networks community (DoD and Commercial). Our team composition is designed to include representatives from each stakeholder in the acquisition process. Phase I – defines the prototype scenario, developing an overall requirements specification and documenting the project plan to include deliverables. Phase II –implements the prototype project plan, mitigates the design manufacturing and packaging risks, and captures the lessons learned to repeat this process on a wider scale. Phase III – expands the prototype to other areas within these commercial and government communities to create a model for compliance for the supply chain associated with electronics and electromechanical assemblies at the hardware and system (software and firmware) level.