Transmission X-Ray Evaluation

Real time transmission x-ray analysis allows for immediate non-destructive imaging of specimens. The extra large chamber permits specimens ranging from small micro ball grid arrays (BGA) to large circuit board assemblies (18” x 21”). Interior defect characterization is possible using the digitally projected x-ray image. As with the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), high-resolution images can be digitally captured or photo quality images can be printed depending on the requirements of the analysis. X-Ray inspection can be utilized for examination of the following examples:

• Ball Collapse in Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
• Obvious Open Solder Connections
• Void Inspection
• Solder Bridges Between Adjacent Conductors
• Gold Wire-Bond Evaluation
• Through-Hole Barrel Fractures
• Internal Annular Ring Registration
• PCB Trace Inspection

Magnification up to 125 times can be accomplished allowing for inspection of features on the scale of individual wire bonds and flip chip ball interfaces.